Search Dog Sawyer | Downtown DeLand Photo Session

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Last year, one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer and was in need of financial help after incurring all of the new medical costs. To help offset their costs, I planned a photo session giveaway for anyone who donated to his gofundme. Sarah was the giveaway winner and chose to do a session in Downtown Deland with her best bud Sawyer! 

Sawyer is a professionally trained search dog, and enjoyed showing off all of his cool tricks for this session. This spot in Downtown Deland is one of their favorites, and they often go here on their walks.

In true dog mom fashion, she has an instagram account that documents Sawyers’ adventures in K9 training. Sarah works with Sawyer in dock diving and agility training, finding great passion + fulfillment in canine cognition and research. 

You can find Sawyer + all his incredible adventures at @SearchDogSawyer!

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