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I hear it all the time. “Maybe after I lose some weight”, “I can’t do that I have a mom bod”, “I am too old to be posing like that”, “I don’t have the confidence”.

I’m here to tell you boudoir is for everyone.

I have photographed several women of all kinds. Every single woman can agree on one thing: The confidence comes afterwards. You may look at all of these woman and think “well… maybe she can do it, but I can’t”. Hate to break it to you, but you are not the first woman to think this and you certainly won’t be the last. That thought has crossed everyone’s mind before booking a boudoir photoshoot.

The first time someone asked me “How did you gain the confidence to take boudoir photos?”; it really hit me. I didn’t have the confidence until after I was in front of the camera. I was so nervous the entire time leading up. My hands were practically shaking while doing my makeup. But the second I got up in front of the camera – hair and makeup done, in a little outfit that made me feel beautiful, Beyonce playing in the background – I was oozing with confidence. I felt like a million dollars then, and like a trillion dollars when I saw the photos!

I had never seen myself like that. In that moment, I was art. Every body is art. I want every woman to feel as beautiful as they truly are!

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